Digital Transformation at Cancer Research UK

We came on-board to lead change and reenergise the digital transformation programme. It had made fantastic progress but was starting to lose momentum as people and technology elements intertwined. The programme, which included the transformation of the team to be sector-leading in capability, had multi-million expected benefits and was high profile and high risk.

Kelly worked with the amazing Digital Leadership Team to develop an approach, built around product visions and capability targets, that allowed us to plan ahead, with milestone targets that encouraged momentum, without losing the value of an agile development approach, and still allowing us to deliver benefits sooner.

Then, Kelly worked with the Director of Digital to design an appropriate Steering Group, redefining their roles in driving business change and ensuring everyone was energised and prepared to guide and empower their own teams.

By created a simple benefits dashboard, which showed both the tangible developments and the people changes that would lead, ultimately, to financial gain, we kept the Steering Group close to how their decisions would affect outcomes.

After identifying what broader organisational change would be needed to realise benefits, we worked on a detail level with teams to plan their readiness and adoption journeys.

With the structure, governance and plans firmly in place, Kelly led the amazing cross-functional programme team through all elements of design and delivery and supported the Director in maintaining excellent engagement with the board and exec team ensuring they had the information, context they needed throughout.

The Results

The new team and channels delivered through the programme are multi-award winning. The programme significantly improved the websites visibility. Within the first year, the programme delivered 59% increase in visits year on year, increased engagement with content and 950% increase in digital transactions, far exceeding expectation.