If you’re dedicated to changing the way your organisation thinks and acts, then that’s great: you’ve taken a huge first step. Next, you need to turn that vision and promise into reality. 

And that’s hard. At Kivo we know this well because we’ve done it countless times, and we’ve watched and learnt from everyone affected by organisational change.

Facilitating change can be extremely exciting, but it’s also exhausting, both physically and emotionally. To take people through change effectively, we need to give them individual support; and this can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when everyone is already up to their ears! 

With dedicated coaching, the burden can be lessened considerably. 

We are here to help people through the process. We’ve designed our coaching programmes to both  offer the skills and insight you need, and to support you through the process. Our experience has shown us that having an objective observer to listen, to motivate and support you (the change leaders) and those that need to change, can make all the difference. 

Coaching is about working with you to maximise your potential, focusing on knowledge and skills you already have (but might have forgotten), and giving you space to create solutions. It’s all about you. It gives you a completely free and confidential space to explore and identify any blockers that you need to address. Coaching helps you to observe work situations objectively, and mindfully, and become fully aware of your personal impact. I’ll ask questions and help you to explore the areas you want to, and there will be opportunities to use tools to help us to drive out solutions and actions. Some of the themes we would work through are listed below. 

  • Your purpose, values and priorities
  • What work means to you, in the life context 
  • Personal vision setting and planning to realise goals
  • Strengthening your strengths
  • Personal inquiry, understanding your reactions and responses to experiences
  • Your role in supporting others

Mentoring is where the mentor brings a lot more of their own experiences and specific expertise into the room. It’s a confidential space where we can work as a team, putting our heads together to focus on building your capabilities. The idea is, much like coaching, we will use real life and real time challenges and obstacles and work through these systematically, to help you to achieve your goals. Some themes that we could focus on for mentoring are listed below, and I find it’s better to pick a theme and a challenge to be addressed where possible, but this is totally flexible. 

  • Confident leadership
  • Dealing with ambiguity 
  • Making sense of complexity
  • Leading others through change with empathy
  • Working with agile in a waterfall world
  • A mindful approach to delivery
  • Dealing with conflict

Identifying ‘who’. 

We will work with you to identify who needs individual support. Then, we work with you and the individuals to understand the shape of support the need across coaching and mentoring. 

The sessions

We’ll do a chemistry session to ensure it’s the right fit, then we’ll agree an initial number of sessions (usually five), which will happen weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

The evaluation 

We’ll check in after each block of sessions to see how well we’re doing, check in on progress and how both parties are feeling, and decide whether more sessions are needed.