Frequently Asked Questions

‘Why Do Kivo Exist?’

We exist to give charities the confidence and capability to take risks and step into the future. With the rate of change in the modern world, many organisations are struggling to keep up. For organisations born before the digital revolution, the pressure to adapt has never been greater. 

Organisations are complex animals, and affecting change takes insight, creativity and passion. That’s why Kivo exist – to identify your blockages and to guide you through your transformation journey to a brighter future. 

‘What Can Kivo Help Me With?’

If you feel that your organisation needs to change, but you’re unsure of the barriers you’re facing, KIVO’s research and tailored coaching programmes are designed to help you identify and overcome any challenge you might be facing.

We inspire, empower and motivate individuals in organisations to turn thinking into action, through a series of innovative coaching methods. Our methodology focuses on key challenge areas that have been identified through experience and in-depth research.

Our programmes will help you to: 

  • Define your purpose and your vision.
  • Create an environment for success.
  • Build confidence and capability.
  • Apply evidence to maximise impact.

‘Why Choose Kivo Over A Traditional Transformation Agency?’

To Kivo, it’s not important who you work with, so long as they’re the right people for you. We help charities to understand what’s been blocking them, and identify tangible steps they need to take to make change happen. We help them to identify what’s holding them back and move those blocks out the way. Whether that onward journey is with us, or others, is not important. 

The most important part of what we do is helping organisations understand what’s anchoring them to the path, how to detach, and how to move forward into exciting new realms.

‘Why Are Kivo Different?’

Kivo are different because we know how to identify your blockages, and how exactly to empower you to unblock them. We choose to work with individuals and organisations that share our principles, to strengthen our collective impact on the sector. We foster collaboration across our wide network of sector experts, remaining focused on our purpose to deliver system change, in order to provide the best experience and deliver effective, lasting change.

‘What is the KIVO Network?’ 

The Kivo Network is a diverse, talented and passionate group of individuals and organisations who share our vision and principles. Working together, we amplify our impact collectively to create change, by working with individuals and organisations that share our principles. 

Our vision is to build a network of inspired individuals that disrupt tradition and confidently lead change, enabling the third sector to be the best it can be. No two organisations are the same, nor do they require the same solutions: that’s why we know we need to call on a wide range of people and skills to suit your organisation’s needs.