The Kivo Network

The Kivo Network is a group of Independent Consultants that share our goals and vision, and often work with us on change programmes. Knowledgeable, Independent, Versatile, Optimistic consultants, who believe that:

  • It takes vision, brains, creativity, resilience and intuition to deliver change to organisations.
  • It takes sharing, empathy, openness and trust to truly collaborate.
  • It takes bravery and sensitivity to influence behaviours and cultures to make change stick.

We share what we learn, what we think, and who we know, to maximise opportunities for the sector. We’re not an agency. We’re just independent consultants that are passionate about making change.

If you’re interested in learning more, just get in touch.

Who we are

Kelly Southcott

Transformation strategist & consultant

“I’ve worked in change management for 15 years now, and learnt many valuable lessons.

I am creative, analytical and resilient, and in my element working with change leaders to help them to evolve their organisations. I enjoy working with people to maximise the incredible opportunities that the digital era brings, whilst remaining mindful of the less desirable impacts of the external change we’re experiencing.

I’m structured and methodological when that fits, but I can take or leave traditional methodologies – I know them well enough to know that many are outdated! – and prefer to work with what I’ve learnt to build a fresh, tailored approach every time.”

Ky Crout

Agile Change Leader and Implementor

Ky is an Agile Programme Manager that has an enviable ability to gain confidence and understanding around technical change at all levels. He is a strong believer in motivating and developing teams to create an environment that is enthusiastic and professional. Ky has an impressive track record of successful implementations and is currently supporting Save the Children UK with their CRM change programme. Previously he helped project manage Save the Children’s new website implementation.

His passions are: Learning, making, teaching, mentoring

He’s at his best when: Working with an eager team irrespective of challenge/technology.

He can help if you need to: Break down a problem, procure the impossible, or solve the intriguing.

Vicky Black

Change Management Guru

Vicky has been working in Change Management for over a decade, and has driven a number of successful transformations. She possesses endless enthusiasm and empathy, an engaging personality, and great stakeholder skills. Vicky has played a key role in implementing and embedding successful transformations in charity, government and police organisations. She is currently a management consultant and plays a key role in creating and testing Kivo methodology and approaches.

Her passions are: People, Simplicity & Food

She’s at her best when: She’s well-fed

She can help if you need to: Find a nice restaurant or deliver successful IT, Digital or Service transformation.

Paul Kempt

Business Architect and Change Lead

Paul is an analytical, engaging, forward-thinking facilitator. He is technically astute, and possesses a natural talent for bringing people together. He has been working in change for over a decade across commercial and not for profit sectors, and is one of the leading figures in change management in the UK.

His passions are: travel, his family, language.

He’s at his best when: there’s a difficult problem to solve

He can help if you need to: Bring people and technology together to deliver.

David Alcock

David Alcock

Executive Coach and Transformational Leader

David delivers strategic growth and business benefits on time, budget and scope, through well-practiced project and programme management. He is well versed in client-focused delivery and highly experienced at working at the interface between the private, public and charity sectors.

His passions are: supporting people to achieve their goals, personally through coaching or organisationally through well-planned delivery.

He’s at his best when: given a challenge.

He can help you if you need to: get something done.

Poppy Naylor

Poppy Naylor

Strategic Fundraising & Marketing Consultant

Poppy is a senior fundraising and marketing strategist. She’s a strong, strategic leader with a knack for spotting new and emerging opportunities. Poppy spent 15 years at Cancer Research UK where she re-energised mature campaigns like Race for Life, and launched brand new high-profile campaigns like Stand Up To Cancer. Poppy now works as an independent consultant for Unicef UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and Save the Children.

Her passions are: Spending time with her young son and husband, coffee, sausage dogs, and exploring the Cornish coast. 

She’s at her best when: Given a problem to solve or challenge to unpick.

She can help if: you need to improve your fundraising or marketing performance.