Team vision and coaching, Kings College

The new Head of Supporter Operations brought us in to facilitate the design of a shared vision across services, an operating model and change plan, all aimed at ensuring supporters and internal consumers were at the heart of data operations and decision-making.

Kelly interviewed each of the team members for get an understanding of the current state and how people were feeling after a recent restructure. Using these insights, which highlighted the great work the Head had already done, Kelly made recommendations on teams design and how best to engage the team going forwards.

Finally, Kelly worked with the Head of Service on an improvement plan for ways of working, calling out the elements of the vision that would require the most focus and suggesting interventions and approaches to get the most out of the team capabilities.

When I first took on leadership of the Data Support Operations here at King’s College, Kivo worked with us to build a vision, create an operating model and design a roadmap for change. They carried out interviews with all members, facilitated well received collaborative workshops, and built accurate individual and team profiles that helped me to both design the future operating model and identify areas that needed extra focus. Kivo’s recommendations proved to be effective and helped me to embed the positive changes needed to transition us from a good team to a high performing team, with minimal impact on our ability to deliver business as usual through the change.

Jennifer Wills

Associate Director of Finance, King’s College London