Supporting purpose-driven organisations to have a greater impact.


Unlock more impact by being mission-led.

Bring new life to your vision and values.

Work out how modernisation can make you even better at what you’re best at.

Create a realistic strategy for change that energises everyone.


If you know you need to make changes but aren’t sure where to start, start here.

Through bespoke research and collaboration, we’ll explore:

🧩 What the mood music of the organisation is and where you need to take action.

🧩 What positive steps you can take right now to have a greater impact.

🧩 Where you need to take longer term action and what you need to do next.

What to expect

  • An hour exploration to agree scope and priorities
  • Bespoke internal research, including interviews and survey
  • Culminating in a discovery workshop with the right people to understand the current position and priority focus areas

Mission and Impact

Clarity on your organisational mission and the impact you intend to have is the first step to any change. We can help you to:

🌈 Articulate your mission and purpose in way that inspires action
🌈 Establish how transformation can increase your impact
🌈 Clarify your transformation story: why change is needed in order to increase your impact

What to expect

  • Bespoke discovery session to understand organisational mission and current impact
  • Insight gathering to capture opportunities for change
  • One half-full day workshop to establish your mission and how transformation can increase your impact

Vision Design

We’ll help you to create a compelling vision for change to:

🌈 inspire and motivate
🌈 foster belief
🌈 explore how culture, behaviours, systems and relationships, will look, sound and feel
🌈 describe the human element of change

🌈identify tangible focus areas

What to expect

  • Bespoke discovery session to establish the organisational mission and values and leaders’ hopes and expectations
  • Insight gathering to get a broad input from employees, supporters and beneficiaries
  • Two 2.5 hour workshops to explore and establish your vision

Approach Design

We bring inspiration and expertise to help draw out your change priorities and define an approach to change that puts people at the heart of your success.approach to change, empowering you with the knowledge and resources to do it yourselves. 


Let’s explore what you need