We support organisations and people through their unique change journeys to get results.

The rate of change on earth is greater than ever before.

Every single one of us is riding the pixelated wave. Our new behaviours are often second nature before we’ve even come to realise we’ve changed! As individuals, this shift is easy. It’s exciting, it opens up a world of opportunities, yes we have our concerns, but it’s easier to be in than out. And, it’s fun.

But as organisations - well, that’s a different story.

Organisations born before the digital revolution need more than intuitive design, innovative ways to pay and nanotechnology to change. As organisations, we need to affect change amongst tens, hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of people, in order to affect change in the centre.

This is where we can help.

What makes us special?

  • We understand organisations, as well as we understand people.
  • We can inspire teams to inspire themselves to build that momentum.
  • We believe that instinct, intuition and insight are better together.
  • We know that we don’t know everything, and we know the fastest route to knowing more.
  • We are tech savvy, data literate, innovation advocates.
  • We can help you to understand what’s holding you back, and we can unblock you.
  • We know that trying to change the world without changing our behaviour is a waste of everyone’s time.

What we do

We work with you to understand the change you need and how to make it. Organisations are all complex animals, so creativity is key. We'll help you design the approach to fit your culture.

In the meantime, here are some ideas...

We help you to understand what's working well and where you need to put your focus to ensure you’re delivering an experience that has an impact.

We'll work with you to identify what’s holding you back, and how building internal capabilities can unlock new opportunities.

Working with you and your team, draw out your unique and compelling vision for change. We’ll define the drivers behind the change, dive into your organisational strategy and consider the opportunities that data, technology and digital-channels bring.

Outputs you can expect:
  • Change strategy and vision
  • Change benefits profiles
  • Outline case for change
  • Support with stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Engaging board-ready presentations

We can support you in preparing to lead your organisation, and yourselves, through an essential and exciting transformation.

We can help you to get accountability right up front, and we can bring people together as one team, which will be crucial to your success.

Leaders will often be expected to understand all manner of things (including technology, organisational and behavioural psychology, digital anthropology, and the Agile methodology) which they often, understandably, don’t (yet).

Having an enabled, energised and equipped group of individuals to be your driving force for change is priceless.
  • We can help you to identify the skills and personalities that will drive the change you need.
  • We can work with your chosen few to develop their change skills and prepare them for the task ahead.
  • We’ll work with you to design a structure and approach that promotes performance, collaboration and mutuality.
The best approach for you will depend on multiple factors (incl. stage in the game, existing programme set up, etc.) but here’s an idea of what you might get:
  • Established team roles and vision
  • Team ways of working, purpose and target behaviours
  • Team coaching and development plan

Do you know how this change is going to impact your people, their performance, their experience and their productivity? Do you know if your leadership team will have to change the way it does things? What about your customers? What about your partners? What about you? Will *you* need to change?

Do you already have the people and skills you’ll need in this new world, or do you need to think about building new capabilities?

Do you need to change old behaviours and thinking in new ways? Do you need people to think differently?

Do people just need to learn new tools, or do they need to do things differently?

Do you know which teams this change is going to be especially challenging for?

Change can be challenging for all of us.

We work with change leaders to help them to identify and understand resistance and how to address it, whilst helping them to address their own response to change and provide the leadership that will get results.

We work with teams that are responsible for driving change, to help them overcome internal and external obstacles and be successful.

We can help you by facilitating totally bespoke workshops to help teams realign to a set of common shared objectives and create effective strategies for dealing with challenges.

About us

Kivo’s vision is to bring people and organisations closer together to deliver sustainable change across not for profit organisations, in an increasingly digital world.

Kelly Southcott, is an independent transformational change consultant, that founded Kivo to bring people together to help charities make a difference without having to rely on expensive models that don't suit the sector.

Kelly Southcott

Kelly Southcott

Transformation strategist & consultant

“I am creative, analytical and resilient, and in my element working with change leaders to help them to evolve their organisations with the times. I enjoy working with people to maximise the incredible opportunities that the digital era brings, whilst remaining mindful of the less desirable impacts of the external change we’re experiencing.

“Behaviours aren’t easy to change, but we can - and do - change all the time. In an organisational or group context, the challenge lies in changing even when the culture won't, and shifting capabilities within financial constraints.

“I’ve worked in change management for 15 years now, and learnt many valuable lessons.

“I’m structured and methodological when that fits, but I can take or leave traditional methodologies - I know them well enough to know that many are outdated! - and prefer to work with what I’ve learnt to build a fresh, tailored, approach every time.”

  • Her passions are: making connections, learning, exploring outdoors, reading indoors, being mindful.
  • She's at her best when: she’s got a problem to solve and a team to help solve it.
  • She can help if you need to: Make sense of the madness and bring people together.
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The KIVO network

Knowledgeable, Independent, Versatile, Optimistic consultants, who believe that:

  • It takes vision, brains, creativity, resilience and intuition to deliver change to organisations.
  • It takes sharing, empathy, openness and trust to truly collaborate.
  • It takes bravery and sensitivity to influence behaviours and cultures to make change stick.

The Kivo Network are people who have worked together and want to again. We share what we learn, what we think, and who we know, to maximise opportunities for the sector.

We’re not an agency. We're just independent consultants that are passionate about making change.

If you're interested in learning more, just get in touch.

Vicky Black

Vicky Black

Change Management Guru

Vicky put to V in Kivo when she and Kelly were sat by Regents Canal, thinking up about ways they could work together to help the charity sector pick up the pace of change.

She's been working in Change Management for over a decade with a series of successes that are due to her endless enthusiasm, energy, empathy, openness, engaging personality and stakeholder skills. Vicky’s played a key role in implementing and embedding smooth successful transformations in charity, government and police organisations. She’s currently a management consultant and plays a key role in creating and testing Kivo methodology and approaches.

Her passions are: People, Simplicity & Food

She's at her best when: She’s well fed

She can help if you need to: Find a nice restaurant or deliver successful IT, Digital or Service transformation

Ky Crout

Ky Crout

Agile Change Leader and Implementor

Ky is an amazing Agile Programme Manager that has an enviable ability to gain confidence and understanding around technical change at all levels. A strong believer in motivating and developing teams to create an environment that is enthusiastic and professional, he uses humour and skill to make the impossible look easy.

Ky is currently supporting Save the Children UK as an Agile consultant for their CRM change programme. Previously he drove Save the Children’s new website to victory through the leadership of the amazing scrum teams, and prior to that has an amazing track record of successful implementations.

His passions are: Learning, making, teaching, mentoring

He’s at his best when: Working with an eager team irrespective of challenge/technology, or simply pun-ishing people with dad jokes!

He can help if you need to: Break down a problem, procure the impossible, solve the intriguing or need feeding!

Paul Kempt

Paul Kempt

Business Architect and Change Lead

Paul is an analytical, engaging, forward-thinking facilitator. He is technically astute and brings people together effortlessly.

He has been working in change for over a decade across commercial and not for profit sectors and is top of his game.

His passions are: travel, his family, language.

He’s at his best when: there’s a difficult problem to solve

He can help if you need to: Bring people and technology together to deliver amazing new things

David Alcock

David Alcock

Executive Coach and Transformational Leader

David delivers strategic growth and business benefits on time, budget and scope, through well practiced project and programme management.

He is well versed in client focused delivery and highly experienced at working at the interface between the private, public and charity sectors.

His passions are: supporting people to achieve their goals, personally through coaching or organisationally through well planned delivery.

He’s at his best when: given a challenge.

He can help you if you need to: get something done.

Kelly Anne

Kelly Anne

Creative Direction and Digital Experience

Kelly is a creative director and user experience whizz with an incredible eye for design. She helps people deliver their strategy through their online presence, and bring their brand to life. Currently working with charity and commercial clients across UK and US.

Case Studies

Cancer Research UK

Marketing Transformation at Cancer Research UK

On this multi-million pound marketing transformation, I was responsible for business change, engagement and training. When I joined the programme was already underway. We knew that the programme was going to impact at lot of people, but we didn’t know who or how...

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Save the Children UK

Digital Transformation at Save the Children UK

The digital transformation at Save the Children UK sought to transform the supporter experience through a user-first experience a global collaboration powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies. We were brought in to support programme management and organisational change...

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Cancer Research UK

Digital Transformation at Cancer Research UK

We came on-board to lead change and reenergise the digital transformation programme. It had made fantastic progress but was starting to lose momentum as people and technology elements intertwined. The programme, which included the transformation of the team to be sector-leading in capability, had multi-million expected benefits and was high profile and high risk....

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British Red Cross

Digital Fundraising Vision, British Red Cross

British Red Cross was embarking on a Digital Change Programme, involving the redesign and rebuild of the website. Changes to the digital offering would impact across Supporters, Services Users, Beneficiaries and Volunteers.Fundraising teams wanted to ensure they were in a position to drive the direction of the programme, so they sought the support of Kivo...

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Kings College London

Team vision and coaching, Kings College

The new Head of Supporter Operations brought us in to facilitate the design of a shared vision across services, an operating model and change plan, all aimed at ensuring supporters and internal consumers were at the heart of data operations and decision-making....

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