We build confidence, challenge tradition, and empower individuals to evolve third sector organisations.

Third sector organisations need to evolve to survive the 21st Century. Some call it transformation, some prefer innovation. Some simply call it change. 

We just call it. 

We’re working across the sector with leading charities and consultants to make real, lasting change. 

Kivo exists because:

  • The charity sector is not fit for the future.

  • Technological innovations, new social movements, and an ever-shifting political landscape means things are changing faster than ever before.

  • Charities are needed more than ever, but the century-old hierarchal organisation model is outmoded, meaning third sector organisations are struggling to keep pace with change.

  • Traditional models for marketing, fundraising and retail have all been turned on their heads by technology.

  • Trust in the sector is low, and we need to build collaboration into our DNA if we’re to continue to deliver social good and regain public confidence.

New approaches that reflect our times and evolve with them are essential. It is more important now than ever before for the third sector to change its ways.

What we do

We focus on key challenge areas that we have identified through our in-depth research, and our own experience and expertise. Our innovative, tailored coaching programmes are designed to empower individuals within organisations to drive change; by building the confidence and the support networks they need to evolve their organisations.

Organisational Assessment

We’ll conduct qualitative research within your organisation, to understand where you are now and identify what’s holding you back. 

Vision Design

We’ll map your purpose and define your vision. Then we use this to paint a picture of what your future looks like: for your external stakeholders, and for the people that make up your DNA.

People & Culture

We’ve found that most organisations are full of people that want things to change, but just can’t make it happen. We’ll work with you to design an environment for success. 


We’ll agree a coaching programme to build confidence and energy amongst your future leaders.

Empowering, evolving, inspiring.

Kivo work with many inspirational charities in the UK, and lead research into the sector to help drive change into the 21st Century. 

Kivo’s vision is to bring people and organisations closer together to deliver sustainable change across not for profit organisations, in an increasingly digital world.

Kelly Southcott is an independent transformational change consultant. She founded Kivo to bring people together, to help charities make a difference, and without having to rely on expensive models that don't suit the sector.

Kelly Southcott

Kelly Southcott

“Like many of us in the sector, I first turned up because I wanted to make a difference.

I saw a need for a different social construct early on. I myself was brought up with a mix of privilege, and difficulties. Raised on a council estate, poverty, addiction, and mental health issues were part of my surroundings. I’m so grateful to everyone that’s been part of my ‘escape’, and I now work with some of the leading NGOs in the world.

I’m a thinker and my interest in the human mind has driven me to keep learning since I left school. I’ve studied various disciplines, from leadership and behavioural change, to life coaching, humanistic therapy and mindful meditation.

I’m creative, and I’m an outspoken introvert. I’m also a bit of a geek, so technology is something I became attached to early on. Over time though, I realised that tech can take control of us; if we don’t learn to take control of it. I founded Kivo to help organisations take back control of their own futures.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most exciting charities in the UK, notably leading both digital and marketing transformations at Cancer Research UK, digital transformation at Save the Children UK, and leading organisational strategy implementation across many others.”

About Kivo.

“What I want more than anything is to see three things happen:

  • One: Injustice and inequality across the globe stamped out, meaning everyone is treated fairly, with love and respect.

  • Two: Charities and organisations for social good working together to stand up to threats and make number one happen.

  • Three: people that are with me in wanting to make a difference are given the information, platform and tools to do that.

Of course, I understand that this is a huge undertaking, and I’ve got no delusions of grandeur - I don’t believe Kivo alone to be the solution. I want Kivo to be one of many solutions that work in collaboration.

That was why I reached out to others to complete the Future Charity research, which helped to highlight exactly what needs to change and gave us new insights on how we can do it.

So now, we continue to work across the sector and with individual charities to make that shift.

Behaviours aren’t easy to change, but we can - and do - change all the time. In an organisational or group context, the challenge lies in changing even when the culture won't, and shifting capabilities within financial constraints.

That can be intimidating, and I started Kivo to help others be honest about that fear, and find ways to take it on.”

Case Studies

Cancer Research UK

Marketing Transformation at Cancer Research UK

On this multi-million pound marketing transformation, I was responsible for business change, engagement and training. When I joined the programme was already underway. We knew that the programme was going to impact at lot of people, but we didn’t know who or how...

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Save the Children UK

Digital Transformation at Save the Children UK

The digital transformation at Save the Children UK sought to transform the supporter experience through a user-first experience a global collaboration powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies. We were brought in to support programme management and organisational change...

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Cancer Research UK

Digital Transformation at Cancer Research UK

We came on-board to lead change and reenergise the digital transformation programme. It had made fantastic progress but was starting to lose momentum as people and technology elements intertwined. The programme, which included the transformation of the team to be sector-leading in capability, had multi-million expected benefits and was high profile and high risk....

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British Red Cross

Digital Fundraising Vision, British Red Cross

British Red Cross was embarking on a Digital Change Programme, involving the redesign and rebuild of the website. Changes to the digital offering would impact across Supporters, Services Users, Beneficiaries and Volunteers.Fundraising teams wanted to ensure they were in a position to drive the direction of the programme, so they sought the support of Kivo...

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Kings College London

Team vision and coaching, Kings College

The new Head of Supporter Operations brought us in to facilitate the design of a shared vision across services, an operating model and change plan, all aimed at ensuring supporters and internal consumers were at the heart of data operations and decision-making....

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