We build confidence, challenge tradition, and empower individuals to evolve third sector organisations.

Third sector organisations need to evolve to survive the 21st Century. Some call it transformation, some prefer innovation. Some simply call it change. 

We just call it. 

We’re working across the sector with leading charities and consultants to make real, lasting change. 

Kivo exists because:

  • The charity sector is not fit for the future.
  • Technological innovations, new social movements, and an ever-shifting political landscape means things are changing faster than ever before.
  • Charities are needed more than ever, but the century-old hierarchal organisation model is outmoded, meaning third sector organisations are struggling to keep pace with change.
  • Traditional models for marketing, fundraising and retail have all been turned on their heads by technology.
  • Trust in the sector is low, and we need to build collaboration into our DNA if we’re to continue to deliver social good and regain public confidence.

New approaches that reflect our times and evolve with them are essential. It is more important now than ever before for the third sector to change its ways.

What we do

We focus on key challenge areas that we have identified through our in-depth research, and our own experience and expertise. Our innovative, tailored coaching programmes are designed to empower individuals within organisations to drive change; by building the confidence and the support networks they need to evolve their organisations.

Organisational Assessment

We’ll conduct qualitative research within your organisation, to understand where you are now and identify what’s holding you back. 

Vision Design

We’ll map your purpose and define your vision. Then we use this to paint a picture of what your future looks like: for your external stakeholders, and for the people that make up your DNA.

People & Culture

We’ve found that most organisations are full of people that want things to change, but just can’t make it happen. We’ll work with you to design an environment for success. 


We’ll agree a coaching programme to build confidence and energy amongst your future leaders.


Kelly is a change and technology expert with huge amounts of energy and determination. She is always solution-orientated and pro-active. As programme lead for our Digital Transformation, Kelly…

Linda McBain

Director of Digital, Save The Children UK

Kivo stand by their ethos of putting people before their own profit and will do all they can to ensure you maximise your investments into organisational change…

Anthony Newman

Director of Brand, Marketing & Communications, Cancer Research UK

Kelly did a wonderful job supporting me and the leadership team through a time of significant and challenging change. Keeping the wider team motivated, she promoted a sense of togetherness…

Andrew Latham

Managing Director, ETS Global

Kivo worked with us to build a vision, create an operating model and design a roadmap for change. They carried out interviews with all members, facilitated well received collaborative workshops…

Jennifer Wills

Associate Director of Finance, King College

Kivo consultants not only share our ethos, they appreciate and understand our unique challenges, and have built a collaborative team across Save the Children…

Karl Hoods

Chief Information Officer, Save The Children UK

Kivo take the time and trouble to understand what is unique about us, and deliver solutions that consider both what we are trying to achieve and how to make it happen in a way that really works…

Claire Rowney

Executive Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Save the Children UK

Kelly and I have worked together previously on an organisational redesign and relocation. Kelly impressed me with broad range of skills. She was highly adaptable in an ever-changing environment…

Cait Allen

CEO, Wessex Cancer Trust

Case Studies

Save the children

Digital Transformation at Save the Children UK

The digital transformation at Save the Children UK sought to transform the supporter experience through a user-first experience a global collaboration powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies. We were brought in to support programme management and organisational change.

More Case Studies

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