Digital Fundraising Vision, British Red Cross

British Red Cross was embarking on a Digital Change Programme, involving the redesign and rebuild of the website. Changes to the digital offering would impact across Supporters, Services Users, Beneficiaries and Volunteers.

Fundraising teams wanted to ensure they were in a position to drive the direction of the programme, so they sought the support of Kivo to define their supporter vision and business goals.

Kelly carried out an internal insight piece to develop the digital fundraising vision. Through a series of interviews with the senior leadership team, we identified opportunities to optimise the fundraising digital experience, and developed a number of high level vision statements covering key themes, including the use of insight and building on supporter motivations, through to innovation, scalability, speed to market and a sector leading retail experience.

Kelly and Charlotte then held a series of interactive and well received ideation workshops with the fundraising, retail and innovation teams, to define possible supporter journeys and establish known priority changes.

It became evident that the supporter experience had evolved organically and, at that time, was more reflective of organisational hierarchy than user behaviour or need. We identified some core organisational decisions and changes that would be required to enable a holistic experience.

Our recommendations were passed on to the implementation partner and used in further organisational strategy and planning work.